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File (hide): 0c4b6db00311b9c⋯.png (195.92 KB, 454x395, 454:395, brenton_tarrant.png) (h) (u)
To anyone who is stupid enough to say anything negative about the shooter:
Listen you fucking retard
You do not have morals, so stop trying to moralize.
You have fake morals based solely on your own personal emotions,
Fake emotions that were programmed by media conditioning and consumeristic reinforcement.
You have zero concept of objective reality let alone any clue about the purpose of life, so you can't even begin to comprehend true morality, which is the basis of all judgement and justice.
Morality is a bias that guides us to complete a purpose. You live for absolutely nothing but your own gratification.
You have no purpose; you're totally insane and self righteous.
You have absolutely no clue how to begin solving the simplest problems.
The only reason you think this event is evil is because you're brainwashed to get meaningless social signalling points for saying it is.
To be exact, you don't 'think' anything at all, you do not have consciousness or free will.
You aren't looking at this shooting and thinking about it. You're reacting how you know you will be rewarded for reacting and not a split second of thinking went into it.
The truth is this shooting is universally good.
We're being invaded and our culture is almost dead. Those people should be driven out, and there's only one way to do it: start killing them.
Those people would be better off in their native lands learning to solve their problems by themselves instead of coming here and stealing our solutions to our own problems. So they have motivation to do what is right for them as well.
Invaders and traitors are not innocent. No one is innocent just because they weren't expecting retaliation.
Basically, everyone who thinks this shooting is evil should be shot themselves. They're just putting the brakes on our survival.
We are being torn to shreds. We do not have another 20 years to wait around and watch the jew burn us to death.
Civil war now. Kill them all without mercy.
ID: 7c11c9 (13)  No.12920671>>12921092 >>12921129 >>12921550 >>12923126 >>12924345 >>12924808
Also look around the boards and social media: Watch the bots, shills, and other servants of the Jewish proto-singularity try to drag this very real event into their pit of lies and shadow.
They want to make us believe no one would really take up arms.
They want to make us feel alone and undefended.
They want to make us believe they are all-powerful.
They want to make us hopeless.
The truth is the shooting happened organically.
The truth is we all need to do similar things.
There is a war to be fought. We won't last another generation under their control.
Fight or go extinct. You probably have less than 20 years to win.

ID: e8d372 (2)  No.12920682>>12920705
File (hide): 5e101de8ae7bbc3⋯.png (156.6 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) (h) (u)
File (hide): 0083b916edae460⋯.png (260.97 KB, 663x371, 663:371, ClipboardImage.png) (h) (u)
Found the shooter right here.
He's literally holding the AK in his jelly rolls!

ID: ce7223 (1)  No.12920698>>12921436 >>12921882 >>12922061 >>12922389 >>12924716 >>12925161
This man knows what he is talking about.
If I were a younger man, I'd be seriously considering a copycat attack right now. I'm sure others are.

ID: 7c11c9 (13)  No.12920705>>12920718
imagine being a shill relegated to 8ch, not even 4chan

ID: 28a783 (7)  No.12920706
File (hide): 50deace672d8aab⋯.jpg (75.14 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Vibration.jpg) (h) (u)
Did someone fire back against the Aryan genocide?
Has the war begun?… because since WW2 Aryans have been the target of genocide, and there hasn't been any serious resistance.

ID: e8d372 (2)  No.12920718
File (hide): 306a72d890fcd97⋯.png (428.81 KB, 750x699, 250:233, ClipboardImage.png) (h) (u)
8chan is easier to shill on.
My company doesn't have to pay for passes anymore too.

ID: 000000 (43)  No.12920727>>12926191 >>12958950
Don't be distracted by kike false flags from the
Gaza Bombing

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12920744>>12923790 >>12926257
File (hide): c0fa180c6cca3f7⋯.jpg (363.71 KB, 1500x1129, 1500:1129, bismuth.jpg) (h) (u)

ID: d13d62 (6)  No.12920745>>12920772 >>12920786 >>12923047 >>12925168 >>12925579 >>12925700
Bruh I regret going here, this is just edgy insane 4chan.
Seek mental help man.

ID: b19eee (1)  No.12920760>>12923358
>cia niggering this hard.
you satanic siege discordpics should fuck off with your ops.

ID: 5938f7 (1)  No.12920772>>12920787
Fuck off back to.Reddit nigger

ID: 4cd02f (2)  No.12920786>>12923529
File (hide): 2426adb1fe8d0fb⋯.jpg (116.16 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1380405641134.jpg) (h) (u)
how many times were you circumcised?

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12920787
File (hide): d52681993b99980⋯.png (1.22 MB, 973x834, 7:6, make-me.png) (h) (u)

ID: 4218b0 (7)  No.12920790
t. schizo boomer who will never get off the couch to resist the reptilian overlords he never stops talking about

ID: 1a8131 (1)  No.12920793

ID: 28a783 (7)  No.12920813>>12926324
File (hide): 86ce466d94a7cd5⋯.jpg (105.42 KB, 702x991, 702:991, Ladies-Union.jpg) (h) (u)
If this is true, then Aryans are doomed.
Action fails, in-action fails, you have to stand up for your race against slander. Wars have been fought over much less than the survival of the Aryan race on planet Earth.

ID: 4218b0 (7)  No.12920814>>12920837 >>12924321
Remember the Rohan exiled for resisting the orcs? We are those Rohan. We ride until our king awakes. Ride

ID: 28a783 (7)  No.12920837>>12920870
[pop]YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ID: 4218b0 (7)  No.12920838
>try to debunk this image
it's all just ad hominem nigger

ID: d13d62 (6)  No.12920849
Weebshit combined with literal nazi propaganda lmao

ID: 1210de (2)  No.12920859
Nah if it was the Kikes they would have have had him shot to enforce the Police are the Good Guys goy narrative.

ID: 4218b0 (7)  No.12920870

ID: d13d62 (6)  No.12920874
Reminder that killing people does indeed result in dead human beings

ID: afe31d (16)  No.12920880>>12920927 >>12922420
This isn't going to be the start of some kind of glorious Aryan uprising, Lord Übermensch. It was just a bitter loser who shot some Muslims, and now he's going to spend the rest of his life in prison. The End.
Go outside, nigger. Get a fucking hobby.
>inb4 Kike
>inb4 Kike shill
>inb4 Kike shill nigger
>inb4 Joo memes

ID: 3bac7c (1)  No.12920885
Inb4 some jews shop him to look like a jew

ID: 15e9b2 (5)  No.12920888>>12920908 >>12920957 >>12921030 >>12921337
People expect me to give a fuck about these invading mudshit goatfuckers or their shitty desert cult even as they mass rape and murder beautiful European children. Those people are retarded. Mudshits aren't even capable of empathy, so if the shoe is on the other foot it means nothing to them. It's like trying to play fair with a Rules for Radicals worshiping leftist, only you have standards to begin with, and unreciprocated they are a liability to success.

ID: 4218b0 (7)  No.12920891
that's where you're wrong kiddo

ID: 28a783 (7)  No.12920903
File (hide): c25dd24f270abd5⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, Elfheim.jpg) (h) (u)
I should have greentexted:
>Action fails, in-action fails, you have to stand up for your race against slander.
If this is true, then Aryans are doomed. Wars have been fought over much less than the survival of the Aryan race on planet Earth.
There fixed.

ID: 4218b0 (7)  No.12920908
sick trips

ID: a22997 (2)  No.12920914>>12920936 >>12922498 >>12924600
>ctrl+F jew
1 result
<"Were/Are you an anti-semite?"
"No. A jew living in israel is no enemy of mine, so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people"
The people of the world are learned about your game and its critical mistakes and signatures. You're going to have to go to plan b and start WW3, perhaps a nuke, to distract us from this messianic spectacle. Jews.

ID: d13d62 (6)  No.12920919
I like HSPs.

ID: 28a783 (7)  No.12920927>>12920992
It must, or all is lost, and if you are not your green text you are a worse than useless blackpill.

ID: 7c11c9 (13)  No.12920936>>12921040
>shooter hedges for good optics
>complaining about it

ID: 2205d3 (5)  No.12920941>>12921006 >>12921097 >>12924568
You talk all this shit about purpose and brainwashing, but the same shit could easily be said about you.
How is this "universally good"? How is some sad autist that was just ultimately looking for attention picking on defenseless people morally good?
Don't you realize how hypocrite you are when you say shit like invaders and native lands when we're talking about white non-aboriginal Australians? In your logic there is nothing wrong with aboriginals and american indians and the groups along that line killing white men.
Go out and speak out your ideals in public. If you really believe in what you've said they will stand firm. If not maybe you'll realize how much of a colossal retard you are.

ID: 28a783 (7)  No.12920957
[pop]YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12920977>>12921020
I enjoy a happening as much as the next guy, and as far as production values goes this guy did everything right. A manifesto? Livestreamed the action? Subscribe to pewdiepie?! Vince McMahon just fell off his fuckin chair
but yeah, murdering innocent strangers is bad

ID: 7d04b9 (1)  No.12920980>>12921020
>he then started shooting at people in the streets
the faggot has not point anymore. he's just a mindless shooter trying to stir shit up.

ID: afe31d (16)  No.12920992>>12921006 >>12921020
Whatever you say, loser. Keep blaming the Jews for all your problems while they continue cucking the absolute fuck out of you.
I'm just glad that everyone who's voicing their support for the attacks are now going to be under active surveillance by law enforcement.
>inb4 b b but I have a VPN

ID: 656d49 (1)  No.12921004>>12921020 >>12921062
omg yeah he was so based even though they’ll use him and his retarded actions as ammunition for gun control and anti-whiteness XD

ID: 28a783 (7)  No.12921006
[pop]YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
>Go out and speak out your ideals in public.
The public are sheep to the slaughter. (((MEDIA))) is controlled by (((central banking finance))) The strongest WILL RULES.

ID: 15e9b2 (5)  No.12921009>>12921020 >>12921023
Breivik was a shitty Mason faggot murdering the children of lefties, many ethnically European. He's probably better in your eyes because you're a filthy kike.

ID: 925abc (1)  No.12921017
I bet he's a freemason.

ID: f66f99 (5)  No.12921020>>12921084 >>12925088
Will you fucking cuckchanners go back to your shithole already, you're not going to get a foothold here

ID: 1210de (2)  No.12921023>>12921079
Traitors hang next to the Jews.

ID: f66f99 (5)  No.12921030>>12921054
All these faggots are probably the first ones to laugh when white people get killed by muzzies too

ID: a22997 (2)  No.12921040>>12921057
oh yeah, hedges focusing entirely on goyim. no mention of why any of whats going on in the world or why. definitely from pol. the only thing missing are swastikas on his hood and forehead.

ID: d13d62 (6)  No.12921043>>12921142
Were you lot molested by an Israeli as a child? How the fuck does one grow from an innocent kindergartener to a fucking sweaty neck beard licking at the shrine of a literal mass murderer?

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12921054>>12921066
No, retard, some people just oppose murder. Not everybody sees the world like you where you have to either cheer for the murder of one group of people or the other.

ID: f66f99 (5)  No.12921057
A real nazi wouldn't get retarded degenerate tattoos

ID: 4cd02f (2)  No.12921062
are you implying those things aren't already in full force?

ID: f66f99 (5)  No.12921066>>12921074 >>12921075
Oh fuck off kike

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12921074>>12921130
well he wasn't fuckin jaywalking

ID: d13d62 (6)  No.12921075>>12921130
>murder is good

ID: ad956f (2)  No.12921077>>12921598
This is probably the most pragmatic post in the last hour or so. I appreciate the sum of your character in this post
other stupid faggots here will call you a kike or nigger or some stupid shit to try and tell themselves this was a win of any kind; you basically nailed it. This did nothing, and in a week we will be seeing these people being made into martyrs.
you have to be a fucking moron to believe this is anything more than it is.

ID: 15e9b2 (5)  No.12921079
You're too low-born for me to even want this (You) and you aren't getting one from me.
Stupid children have no place in politics to begin with, Breivik is closer to a traitor as an adult set in his ways. If you kill European children for simply 'being leftist' before they're even politically self-aware - being raised by Marxists - you'd be a component of white genocide. For now though, you're just a stupid child with no place in politics, and I won't condemn you yet. Do better, faggot.

ID: afe31d (16)  No.12921084>>12921130
>you're not going to get a foothold here
A foothold? No, I wouldn't want to ruin your little echochamber. I'm sure law enforcement will take care of that soon enough.

ID: 280c68 (5)  No.12921091
Reddit thinking. Calling someone edgy trully got 'em.
You don't peacefully get rid of those who hate you. No politics, no agreements, no elections won't get rid of them if they are already there. Only thing you can do is to vanish the servants with their masters. Let this be a lesson from ex-Soviet Union, you don't change your nation by just declaring independence. If you do, the same people who loathed you in the past loaths you today. And on top of that, they play victim.

ID: 000000 (43)  No.12921092
Fight. Kill. Win.

ID: 4218b0 (7)  No.12921097>>12921194
Survival of the geneplex is all that matters. Morality is bullshit abstraction useful only in stable social games. It has no bearing on war.

ID: facf11 (1)  No.12921106>>12921132 >>12921637
File (hide): 092aae34293038d⋯.jpg (33.93 KB, 600x597, 200:199, 1547598304776.jpg) (h) (u)
Reminder if you think the Muslim invasion is bad wait until you realize the governments of Europe, the US , and beyond are openly inviting the Muslim trash and attacking anyone who complains. Also, keep in mind both the Christian and Jewish churches and organizations in these countries have happily joined the government in welcoming the Muslim scum. Muslims are trash but so are the government, Christian, and Jewish leadership that have aided the Muslim invasion. Be sure to give all of them a magazine full of love for all they have done.

ID: 373efe (4)  No.12921108
>you have no idea about…
sure I don't shill
It's obvious what's going on here and what you're trying to do

ID: 000000 (43)  No.12921109

ID: 30421c (1)  No.12921114>>12922119
HEY GUYS IM SMART!!!! !!!1! you are all dumber than me and I know the REAL HIDDEN TRUTH. Mass shootings are good because i said so! anyone who disagrees should die
^^ TLDR version of what you posted

ID: afe31d (16)  No.12921129>>12921666
>They want to make us believe no one would really take up arms
… you mean angry white people? I thought it was the opposite. You morons really need to make up your minds.
The parallels between you stormweenies and feminists are hysterical.

ID: f66f99 (5)  No.12921130
See what I mean, only in a world so cucked by woman and pussy faggots would anyone demonize events like this to this level of faggotry

ID: ad956f (2)  No.12921132
inb4 the whole board just turns on you because for some reason the faggots here are all about shitting on muslims and jews are fucking stupid, but find christianity to be any better.

ID: a006a6 (1)  No.12921142
>Were you lot molested by an Israeli as a child?
circumcision denial detected

ID: ca5d54 (1)  No.12921146
>comes to /pol/
>it's proved that jews are behind the shitskin invasion ad nauseam day in day out
>solution? Why of course, do as jews desire! kackling and hand wringing heard in the distance.

ID: 000000 (43)  No.12921152>>12921198
THREAD THEME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyEaVnziIpI

ID: 7cdc80 (2)  No.12921172>>12921205 >>12921255
Muh Good & Evil: Morals are only best-practises
There is no morality, there are only actions which DO or DO NOT further one's goals.
>but that's destructive
Acting to further one's goals doesn't preclude cooperation- what it DOES mean is that one should be certain their actions, directly or indirectly

ID: 15e9b2 (5)  No.12921185>>12923346
Stay mad, Reddit. You don't know shit. Maybe if you shit the board up long enough you'll passively learn enough for me to talk at you instead of down to you. Not likely, though. Retard.

ID: 2205d3 (5)  No.12921194>>12921236
Oh yeah then where the fuck is your children? Where the fuck is your nuclear family? What did you do to help out the white race other than waste time on 8chan lying to yourself that you're smarter than you really are?
You're fucking pathetic. You talk all this crap about genes and races and yet you're gonna end up a sad genetic deadend. Get a life.

ID: 1d4926 (1)  No.12921198
I hope you ment

ID: 06879f (8)  No.12921202>>12921440
I don't think it was a good thing, but I don't see how it changes anything, the fundamentals all remain the same it's only the speed at which things move that has changed. It's acceleration, just as he wanted. It's not like NZ is "now" going to become an England like shithole full of Muslims and a totalitarian nanny police state, it was already doing that. Now it just has the impetus to move there faster.

ID: 72cb70 (2)  No.12921205>>12921226 >>12921233
Unless his goal is to build sympathy for invaders and ensure that there are more of them, how is this going to further anyone's goals?

ID: ab8635 (22)  No.12921206>>12921249 >>12921258

ID: 7cdc80 (2)  No.12921226
I'm speaking in general.

ID: 000000 (43)  No.12921233

ID: 239eec (1)  No.12921235
The tripfag Moody from >>>/4chon/ is from new zealand and did the shooting.

ID: ab8635 (22)  No.12921236>>12921387
>she's still IP-hopping and spouting that facebook-tier bullshit

ID: b6318f (1)  No.12921237
Wtf are you talking about? These people don't even need ammunition to spout the shit you are mouthing off about. The only thing AT ALL this changes is 20 less invaders.

ID: b36e13 (1)  No.12921244
Muslims have been attacking and slaughtering whites for thousands of year. They do it..because of their beliefs. Youre an imbecile.

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12921249>>12921277 >>12921292 >>12921314 >>12921326
You might change your mind about how cool murdering strangers is if you or a loved one ever get jumped by a murderer.

ID: afe31d (16)  No.12921255
>there is no morality
Ah, I hate this pretentious, pedantic bullshit. Morality exists. It's a concept, and it's comprised of various subjective constructs.
>b b but it doesn't exist in nature

ID: d10582 (4)  No.12921256
Based Brenton

ID: 2205d3 (5)  No.12921258>>12921346
>neo-nazi worried about the future of his race can only wank off instead of having children

ID: 90f2b9 (3)  No.12921272>>12921293
Anyone have the backup of the facebook video he linked in his manifesto?
The one that said "Muslim eyes only" or whatever?
The video that made him choose that mosque specifically?

ID: a3baa3 (9)  No.12921277>>12921300
Is war faggot.
Humans had always been tribal.
Keep pusing whites some more and one of them would nuke israel.

ID: ab8635 (22)  No.12921292>>12921314 >>12921352
Or better yet you can come see me direct confrontation style instead of the usual glownigger tactics

ID: d10582 (4)  No.12921293>>12921344 >>12921372

ID: c27ec3 (1)  No.12921296
Hey this was the fucking pasta from 4chan
Come up with something original you retard.

ID: cafb99 (1)  No.12921297
Your concept of morality is totally broken, and our civilization was not built with it. You are the rot within. You are the cancer.

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12921300>>12921362 >>12921367
>>12921277 (checked)
It's not war, it's murdering unarmed civilians. The shooter is a coward.

ID: 77d54e (2)  No.12921311
File (hide): 638ff1973cd5ff1⋯.png (337.59 KB, 640x640, 1:1, CIA Wojak.png) (h) (u)
Good idea Mr CIA.

ID: ab8635 (22)  No.12921314>>12921373 >>12921395
How come I had to hear about Trayvon Martin for 2 years straight but you've probably never heard of the Knoxville Massacre

ID: bad4f4 (3)  No.12921326
I'll consider that strongly if ever I'm in a position where a family member is displacing the population of a foreign country. I doubt I'll be siding with my family member.

ID: 30beda (2)  No.12921334>>12921347 >>12921419
This guy (the shooter) has the same phenotype as Cernovich. Do you complete brainniggers not realize a mossad agent when you see one?

ID: 83a1de (4)  No.12921337>>12921543 >>12923469
kys kike

ID: 90f2b9 (3)  No.12921344>>12921376 >>12921406 >>12921410
Is this the facebook video though?
I already got the manifesto

ID: ab8635 (22)  No.12921346>>12921460
>muh dick
Unlock your chastity already faggot and maybe you'll get dicks off your mind

ID: 77d54e (2)  No.12921347>>12921397 >>12921419 >>12921461 >>12921713
John Doe number 2 is even more obvious.

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12921352>>12921382 >>12921415 >>12921514
Western civilization was built on moralfaggotry. Shitposting is one thing, but if your actual worldview is that murder is cool and that everybody else is just naively moral then you're no better than the most savage sandnigger

ID: a3baa3 (9)  No.12921362>>12921671
If they didn't want to be killed they shouldn't have come to european lands in the first place these are invaders either you like it or not.
Anons years ago were warning if the things continue as they are it would make ww2 look like a complete joke except the fact nsdap wanted to destroy world wide jewery.

ID: bad4f4 (3)  No.12921367
>murdering unarmed civilians
Sounds like Dresden, or Hiroshima, or Nagasaki, aka war.

ID: 7c11c9 (13)  No.12921369>>12922072
File (hide): c42af01f93e300a⋯.jpg (54.86 KB, 943x263, 943:263, D1q5hClVAAEfme7.jpg) (h) (u)
in case you missed his post here before he went

ID: 72cb70 (2)  No.12921372
Would someone who actually used this board title their manifesto with the kosher term 'The Great Replacement', used by Lauren Simonsen and the Identautarians?

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12921373>>12921392 >>12921434 >>12921446 >>12921484 >>12921547
Because the media is shit, but murdering strangers has nothing to do with that.

ID: 83a1de (4)  No.12921374>>12921401
So it looks like 8chan is jewified with r/the_cuckold boomers in here

ID: d10582 (4)  No.12921376
nah its manifesto.

ID: ab8635 (22)  No.12921382>>12921392
answer my question about the Knoxville Massacre

ID: 2205d3 (5)  No.12921387>>12921522
What I said is all correct though isn't it? :)
You're a cuck. You say you want to help the white race survive yet only thing you do is waste time on the internet just thinking about what you say you're going to do. You're not going out getting married with a white woman and having white children. You're not outside your house doing anything that would help your race.
You're just a sad little cuck hoping someone goes out there and make some lame ass happenings. You aren't doing anything. You're just waiting and hoping for someone to do it for you you fucking lardass.

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12921392

ID: afe31d (16)  No.12921395>>12921532 >>12921546
Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that everyone expects this kind of behavior from niggers. It's just business as usual.
It's like, why do you think the vast majority of Dateline and 20/20 episodes feature white people? It's because no one cares about niggers killing each other.

ID: ca1768 (1)  No.12921397>>12924205 >>12926165
That dude looks like a Māori

ID: a3baa3 (9)  No.12921401>>12921416
Your describing 4cucks
Even then arguments are going back and forth overthere too.

ID: 0a2943 (1)  No.12921406
Be sure to save and upload to as many places as you can.

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12921410>>12921506
>>12921344 (checked)
you need the 60MB full vid? or is facebook video something else?

ID: 7c11c9 (13)  No.12921415>>12921482
prove it. Make an argument.
I bet you have no reason for anything you say, let alone what you just said.
you're just a dumb fucking animal that will repeat your view again and again and not define anything or explain or discuss.
NPC filth

ID: 83a1de (4)  No.12921416>>12921483
both sites have been ruined by the kike boomers shilling their goblin overlords

ID: 30beda (2)  No.12921419>>12921431 >>12921461 >>12921487 >>12921498 >>12922114
File (hide): 6b91ca5c1974b36⋯.png (311.6 KB, 454x395, 454:395, 1552623017188.png) (h) (u)
File (hide): 01123f0c9402924⋯.jpeg (99.33 KB, 1910x1000, 191:100, 592794ce1600002200ddcf29.jpeg) (h) (u)
Hell yeah nigger now youre seein it.

ID: 3d0ad1 (2)  No.12921421
File (hide): 8e678829acf1a36⋯.jpg (22.63 KB, 285x279, 95:93, 1413349212808-0.jpg) (h) (u)
>You do not have morals, so stop trying to moralize.
>You have fake morals based solely on your own personal emotions,
<Waaaaaah everyone who doesn't agree with me has no morals!
People like you should be euthanized to be quite honest.

ID: 83a1de (4)  No.12921431
why are all white shooters so fucking ugly? Hitler would have gassed this cunt

ID: a3baa3 (9)  No.12921434>>12921551
They are also killing strangers.
I do not have a problem with Muslims living within their homelands but I do have the provlems with the ones here.
They are not innocent you are being naive.

ID: 34aa07 (4)  No.12921436
If you aren't in a wheelchair, you have no excuse. The older generation have less to lose, lead by example.

ID: af82e2 (3)  No.12921440
Muslims and kikes have gotten used to whites just rolling over and taking their shit. They haven't known fear for a long time. Today they felt it again.

ID: ab8635 (22)  No.12921446>>12921461 >>12921488 >>12921802
File (hide): 44a2882c4c54180⋯.webm (1.67 MB, 640x360, 16:9, jew Barbara Lerner Spectr….webm) (h) (u) [play once] [loop]
MSM sweeps that shit under the rug while overplaying MUH BABY TRAYVON because they are complicit
White Genocide is real

ID: 7c11c9 (13)  No.12921457>>12923264
>You realize that some people will NEVER see things the way you do right?
you realize I know that and that's why i believe they have to be killed right? at least as long as they set up shop near me or mine.

ID: 2205d3 (5)  No.12921460>>12921665
>didnt even type out a single dick in that post
someone's projecting

ID: a05195 (8)  No.12921461
[pop]YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
Depressing if true.
>White Genocide is real

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12921482>>12921536 >>12921593 >>12923991
Democracy and rule of law is what separates us from the people that you hate. We're better than them, but it's not just because we're prettier. We usually conduct ourselves better than they do. When you cheer for murder you're cheering for them. We are better than them, but only when we actually do it. Today the shooter did not do it. He's every bit as scummy as the lowest sandnigger.

ID: a3baa3 (9)  No.12921483
Not likely. Especially the bill incident. If anything is either shills or genuine anons at least on here.

ID: d6302b (2)  No.12921484
Killing nonhumans doesn't qualify as murder.

ID: bad4f4 (3)  No.12921487
Looks like Tarrant is the same phenotype of European that Cernocucks jew ancestors stole the genes of. They look similar but only in the non jewy features.

ID: e4487e (2)  No.12921488>>12921502 >>12921533 >>12921616 >>12924281
How much political power does Barbara Spectre have?

ID: e57c37 (1)  No.12921491
[pop]YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ID: d5d175 (5)  No.12921498
File (hide): 5868bd151f784b5⋯.png (752.09 KB, 750x862, 375:431, sugoi!.png) (h) (u)
just remember wide angle lenses distort faces

ID: a5f2a1 (1)  No.12921500>>12921993 >>12922592
This exact post is being posted on multiple 4chan threads. Some organized groups is posing the most radical things to get this site shut down. I've seen this exact same post on 5 different 4chan threads.

ID: d6302b (2)  No.12921502>>12921525
To the goyim: very little.
Behind the scenes: more than a sitting US senator.

ID: 90f2b9 (3)  No.12921506
File (hide): 7d43533bff95ba0⋯.png (16.44 KB, 666x308, 333:154, manifesto fb link.PNG) (h) (u)
Something else
In his manifesto he talked about a Facebook post by one of the mosques that pushed him over the edge.
It was something about "muslims eyes only"
The mosque page deleted that video so i was curious and hoping you guys had a backup

ID: 053c2e (1)  No.12921514>>12921586
File (hide): 0e26272a40dcde0⋯.jpg (363.78 KB, 1920x1091, 1920:1091, pyramid_attempted_demoliti….JPG) (h) (u)
sometimes morals have to be defended with savagery. western civilization was built just like any other civilization; through toil, sweat and blood. we didnt conquer america by being "morally superior" to savage treeniggers; that was a given fact the second they started flaying virgins alive and dancing in their skins. we conquered america by being even more savage than them, because white people are better at everything, including violence.
the lack of willpower to defend everything good in this world when our enemies are willing to destroy everything that ever built humanity up from the dust, not just whites, but the entire human race, is nothing but weakness. there can be no forgiveness for our enemies, there can be no moments of hesitation. meditate on these two artworks if you will. the third image is one of the great pyramids that muslims try blowing up with dynamite in the 15th century. this is the future of all civilizations if shitskins and jews are continued to steer the course.
youre either a pussy or a shill.

ID: ab8635 (22)  No.12921522
>everyone I don't like is an incel
I don't necessary think you're a nigger.
You could be a:
300 trigglypuff landwhale
angry beaner who lost his greencard
white sjw daddy issue whore
retard white boy who fights for people that will laugh when he's dead
There's quite a few of us with kids

ID: e4487e (2)  No.12921525

ID: ab8635 (22)  No.12921532>>12921548

ID: a05195 (8)  No.12921533
[pop]YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
She is a representative like (((Trudeau))), (((Sarkozy))), and (((Macron))). Remember it is March. The season of war.

ID: afe31d (16)  No.12921536
It's ironic how they basically support Ugandan-warlord-nigger-tier justice, isn't it?

ID: 15e9b2 (5)  No.12921543
You know I'm right, baby man.

ID: ab8635 (22)  No.12921546>>12921630
>It's because no one cares about niggers killing each other
<victims white
so disingenuous

ID: 7c11c9 (13)  No.12921547>>12921634
ok let's dig into your mental retardation
you said 'strangers'
You use this word to describe people regardless of race?
Here's the problem: 'strangers' like you say are not strangers. This are foreigners. They aren't just people who don't know who are inside our society.
They are people who do not know from outside our society.
You're too stupid to make the distinction and also too cowardly; you wouldn't dare betray your brainwashing even if you had to die for it and get nothing but grief for all you loved in return
reminder that when things start getting hot, you have to keep track of people like this poster that you know. They are the dangerous ones, they are the ones who will hang out around us and then betray us as soon as it momentarily benefits them.
Kill them.

ID: afe31d (16)  No.12921548>>12921706 >>12921752

ID: 193b7b (3)  No.12921550
If OP happened twice a day, every day, for a month… the idiot mohamadans would leave post haste.

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12921551>>12921577 >>12921614 >>12921617 >>12921628
They are literally innocent. Justice applies to individuals. That one simple truth is the whole reason that "social justice" is completely invalid as a concept. Give up on the identity politics, you're as bad as a fucking leftist right now.

ID: d59a2d (3)  No.12921553>>12921595 >>12921626
He was a fool. Instead of shooting up any of the (((elites))) such as George Soros or the Rockefellers, he spergs out and shoots a bunch of fucking kebabs in New Zealand which will just support the narrative and (((gun control))). Now it has also brought attention to this site alongside that thq ama.
Reminder: One dead George Soros is ten-fold as effective as killing 100 musilms. Attack the one who lets them in, not their "goyim".

ID: a05195 (8)  No.12921577
File (hide): 00ecfeacf296e0a⋯.jpg (144.81 KB, 1024x505, 1024:505, 00ecfeacf296e0a5b2fddea105….jpg) (h) (u)
Muslims are child mutilators and satanists like Jews.

ID: 4d9fdb (9)  No.12921586
File (hide): cd689dff77ef2a9⋯.png (31.6 KB, 170x138, 85:69, smug.png) (h) (u)
>sometimes morals have to be defended with savagery
Sometimes, with the vulgar, one must speak vulgarly.

ID: ab8635 (22)  No.12921593>>12921730
> rule of law
Many arabian countries have rule of law.
Are you implying otherwise racist

ID: 7c11c9 (13)  No.12921595>>12921775
you're total dumbfuck
how could you guarantee that you get to those targets? the resistance is 1000x greater.
you have one chance and you have to make it count.
until more shootings happen regularly, the elites will be mostly safe. We have to fight their armies to cut their heads off.
If you have a secret ninja way to kill them, please proceed.
But otherwise

ID: 193b7b (3)  No.12921598
i smell something

ID: a3baa3 (9)  No.12921614>>12921689
>they are innocent
Then tell them to go back to their nations where they came from.
If you think your above nature and human tribalism then you have another thing coming.

ID: ab8635 (22)  No.12921616
Does that even matter, considering they all
think the same way.

ID: af82e2 (3)  No.12921617
Pick one and only one

ID: a05195 (8)  No.12921626
True, but hard.

ID: 4f70c5 (1)  No.12921628
File (hide): 1c3fb14c73370e5⋯.gif (3.59 MB, 344x499, 344:499, 1537547693537.gif) (h) (u)
>They are literally innocent
>Give up on the identity politics, you're as bad as a fucking leftist right now.

ID: afe31d (16)  No.12921630>>12921752
People expect it. It's not as sensational and entertaining when it's a bunch of gorilla-looking giganiggers. If the media can't sensationalize it, they're not going to report on it as much.

ID: 15c5ca (1)  No.12921632>>12922479 >>12922503

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12921634>>12923652
>You use this word to describe people regardless of race?
Yes, obviously. You either know a person or you don't, their race doesn't come into it. It shouldn't be that difficult for you to use the word correctly.
Murdering innocent unarmed strangers is bad, regardless of their race. This shouldn't be a controversial opinion.
Again, I understand that happenings are fun, but you should be able to separate the enjoyment you get from watching exciting footage from the fact that the guy murdering innocent strangers is an asshole

ID: 34aa07 (4)  No.12921637
This. The reason is that juden have been opening the gates for the muslim hordes since the very beginning. Islam is the sword arm of juden.
Take a look at Constantinople,or the fall of Toledo.

ID: 13980b (6)  No.12921640>>12921702 >>12921710
Guys has anyone posted up the official mudslime shooting songlist? I mean now theres no more argument.

ID: ab8635 (22)  No.12921665
>implys dick
Just unlock your shit already sissyboy

ID: 34aa07 (4)  No.12921666
>/trannypol/ nigger
Kill yourself, it will end those feelings of inherent non-worth and low self esteem.

ID: de071d (1)  No.12921671>>12921956 >>12922122
ITT people who think new zealand is a european land

ID: 000000 (43)  No.12921684
Watch as the same lemmings who wholly and utterly condemn this event and dismiss the reasoning behind it go on to claim that any "retaliatory" attacks from the semitic community are technically justified.
Calling it now.

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12921689>>12921816
>Then tell them to go back to their nations where they came from.
I do tell them to go back, or at least to stop coming, but I do it the proper way. With my vote.

ID: 6eac2e (3)  No.12921702>>12921737
Heres what I know in order from memory, dont feel like replaying the vid
Theres one missing I dont know the name of

ID: ab8635 (22)  No.12921706>>12921735
Seriously stfu

ID: d5d175 (5)  No.12921710>>12921819
File (hide): cdd1e707a6b9a63⋯.jpg (158.71 KB, 512x471, 512:471, sweating fiat.jpg) (h) (u)
remove kebab serb song
remix of Erika
hellfire something or other ???
Manuel - Gas Gas Gas

ID: f7e4b9 (1)  No.12921713
Do you think he's literally a "former" or even active duty A.D.F./N.Z.D.F. soldier?

ID: 4bb3e0 (1)  No.12921724
I think this shooting is evil because we should not have our countries in such a state to drive people to this, he should have a wife and kids.

ID: 000000 (43)  No.12921726
They're right OP shootings are evil but beheadings are MUCH better and the epitome of good according to leftists
So is raping, murdering, and grinding up little girls to turn them into sandwich meat

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12921730>>12923469
>Many arabian countries have rule of law.
which ones? Sharia is probably the closest they get to rule of law, and even then I doubt a king would submit to it and nobody would dare try and administer it to him

ID: afe31d (16)  No.12921735>>12921779
You still have yet to make a single argument. Perhaps you're the one who should stop posting.

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12921737
nice, thanks

ID: 155d30 (2)  No.12921743
File (hide): 3e01a4dafebbd90⋯.jpg (17.47 KB, 333x499, 333:499, After Virtue.jpg) (h) (u)
Related to this read After Virtue.

ID: 95d28c (1)  No.12921745
File (hide): 098cd416bc5520c⋯.jpg (120.37 KB, 960x720, 4:3, D1gVr07U0AA2ZL4.jpg) (h) (u)
If anyone was interested.

ID: ab8635 (22)  No.12921752>>12921786
>If the media can't sensationalize it
2 whites kidnapped, raped, tortured, set on fire, etc
then you're just deflecting here >>12921548
Seriously just stfu

ID: ff361e (5)  No.12921762>>12921897
[pop]YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ID: d59a2d (3)  No.12921775
Then fucking plan it. Find other minded people and do the job. Getting at least one of them down would be good than x1000 of the members of their footsoldiers. Remember, these servants will keep flooding in as long as there is a ringmaster.
Also, how do you expect to kill all of them? The moment there is an actual serious effort being made tk exterminate them, the country will go straight into 1984 mode with a complete lock on guns and internet which is already being done in Sweden. Any people who are similar to the shooter will get fucking arrested/tortured for information. The only hope we have is to become the ones who have the power. I know it sounds impossible to do but attacking one of the financial (((elite))) would be a much better goal.
Atleast, die trying. That would send them into a absolute frenzy.

ID: ab8635 (22)  No.12921779>>12921809
>MSM silence just like in european countries because they are complicit in white genocide
Filtered for being a low IQ dipshit.

ID: afe31d (16)  No.12921786>>12921830 >>12921850
>2 whites kidnapped, raped, tortured, set on fire, etc
Yes, and many sources reported on it. Notice how I said, "the media isn't going to report on it *AS MUCH*.
Why would they cover something like that with any regularity?

ID: 7334dd (5)  No.12921787>>12921795 >>12922690 >>12922705
You sound like a Jason Bateman tier psychopath trying to quantify a range of human experience that you simply don't have access to.
It sounds a lot like projection, but either way, I do think its evil, but evil begets evil, that's the whole point. I don't particularly like this happening, I don't want to see any non-combatant type people die, even if they represent a death cult that I would like to see barred from taking residence in western nations.
The reality is that this was bound to happen because progressive governments and progressive traitors are allowing the sovereignty and peace of western nations to be trampled on by alien civilizations who represent a dichotomy of colonizers and terrorists. We learned a lesson from the colonization of the west by the europeans and it was that if the natives couldn't defend themselves, they'd be overrun. In the end that's the way of things.
This guy is just the canary in the coalmine, he's a taste of what's to come, and it's not all one-sided as the progressive media will have some believe. He did this because progressives are taking deliberate measures to destabilize their own countries and make westerners victims on their own streets. I'll be honest, I don't agree with what the guy did, I'd never do it, but if I were confronted with some dude running around stabbing people screaming allahu akbar, I'd pull out my knife and do my best to mutilate the fucker without remorse.
I won't castigate the guy because he was clearly pushed over the edge, and while he was pushed sooner than most, everyone, even the virtue signallers, deep down know precisely why. We're in the opening stages of civilizational war.

ID: 34a96d (2)  No.12921791

ID: 7334dd (5)  No.12921795
*Patrick Bateman

ID: 163d54 (5)  No.12921796
quality firearms are not expensive. being armed should be your 2nd priority after 1, having the will to kill.

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12921802>>12921896
Trayvon was an American nigger. This guy killed Muslims in New Zealand. Any links between them is tenuous at best. Perhaps you justify murdering strangers just a little bit too easily?
murder can be fun to watch on TV, but it isn't as cool as you think

ID: d0984f (1)  No.12921803
>Oy vey you silly goyim! This achieved nothing so don't even think about doing anything other than shitposting on this nice platform we provide you!

ID: 000000 (43)  No.12921808>>12921829 >>12921857 >>12921863 >>12921886 >>12922047
What did this accomplish, exactly?????????
Tell me, what does this in the long run do? The only thing it will do is further justify calls for gun control and give the muslims the moral high ground (in NZ at least)
I am willing to bet my bottom shekel that the people who support this dumb and senseless act are between the ages of 16 and 20, fucking kids who just want to start shit. Well the world doesn't work that way you fucking faggots. You cannot just livestream someone killing civilians indiscriminately and expect people to react positively.
Even hardened soldiers have qualms about killing civilians, hard and brave people who have done more for the white race than any of you edgelords could even dream of. So yeah, sit and type and post anime girls and memes and celebrate. Give the enemy exactly what and become the exact caricature of a violent right-wing fascist they want because if you fags are really that stupid then they deserve the win.

ID: afe31d (16)  No.12921809>>12921896

ID: 053338 (1)  No.12921813
ow the edge
nah he was a cunt though

ID: a05195 (8)  No.12921814
If nothing else, this will drive more traffic to 8ch and probably kill the site if it's not controlled opposition

ID: a3baa3 (9)  No.12921816>>12921868
>lwith my vote
Not gonna work (((democracy)))
Is owned you are given the illusion we had our best chance with national socialism and having things go peacefully for a few centuries but after hitler lost and people who went against (((them))) all get assassinated.
There are not many options left.

ID: 13980b (6)  No.12921819>>12921832 >>12921879 >>12923903
Damn wish I knew the name of that song hes playing when hes shooting everyone up.

ID: ff361e (5)  No.12921823
Stupid ass motherfuckers

ID: 7334dd (5)  No.12921829
It didn't accomplish anything, this guy just blew his load prematurely.

ID: ab8635 (22)  No.12921830>>12921901
>Notice how I said, "the media isn't going to report on it *AS MUCH*.
Careful don't exert yourself on those heavy goalposts
>Why would they cover something like that with any regularity?
Why would they cover Trayvon for 2 years other than fuel black hate / instill white guilt?
More excuses incoming

ID: d59a2d (3)  No.12921832>>12921861
I think it's the remove kebab song or some remix.

ID: 6a0732 (5)  No.12921833>>12921866
Shooter planned mass murder because he was worried about a decrease in white population.
Obviously a nut job who took a radical idea and used it in justification to hurt people.
His manifesto is just nonsense, copy and pasted.
The only thing this guy proves is that we need more guns and more training. It's too bad he wasn't gunned down sooner.

ID: 000000 (43)  No.12921846
This shooting is great, is to maximize Muslim victim status. The jews already don't stand a chance against Omar's sandnigger victim status.

ID: ab8635 (22)  No.12921850
>Yes, and many sources reported on it
BTW I'll wait while you show some MSM citations for this claim

ID: c581fe (1)  No.12921857
TORfag being a total fucking faggot. #PrayforNice worked well, didn't it? Rotherham is sex-slavery free now right? Germany totally isn't a hellhole. Fuck you. The world works the same way it always has, conquering peoples have literally always raped and pillaged the conquered territories. ALWAYS.

ID: 13980b (6)  No.12921861
Its definitely not remove kebab, he plays that before the shooting.

ID: 5180b2 (14)  No.12921863>>12921897 >>12921981
>don't do nuffin, goyim!!!
No. They didn't have to be here. They chose to trespass. The consequence for their trespassing was death at the hands of a righteous man. Go fuck yourself, coward.

ID: 7bc10b (1)  No.12921866>>12921913
What's interesting is that his manifesto is so poorly written. It's like he didn't even finish high school. While Elliot Rodgers' manifesto was practically a literary masterpiece by comparison.

ID: 000000 (43)  No.12921867>>12921897
t. cuck

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12921868>>12921910 >>12921937
>we had our best chance with national socialism
and Hitler was democratically elected. White genocide will be defeated in the voting booth or it won't be defeated at all.

ID: d5d175 (5)  No.12921879>>12921939 >>12922026 >>12923331
File (hide): 7844b4e0437f998⋯.mp4 (11.12 MB, 836x800, 209:200, fallschirmjaeger.mp4) (h) (u) [play once] [loop]
File (hide): aa528c1e27cb97e⋯.jpg (201.89 KB, 757x1073, 757:1073, Purity.jpg) (h) (u)
it's a remix, of Erika

ID: 163d54 (5)  No.12921882>>12923866
but let the zogbots feel lead this time.

ID: 806a4b (3)  No.12921886
yeah, better bend over and keep taking it in the ass. how about another hashtag? that'll stop your country from invasion.

ID: ab8635 (22)  No.12921896>>12921920 >>12921989
File (hide): efb41b706c4b4fa⋯.png (6.12 KB, 300x168, 25:14, index.png) (h) (u)

ID: ff361e (5)  No.12921897>>12921937

ID: afe31d (16)  No.12921901>>12921920 >>12921923
>Careful don't exert yourself on those heavy goalposts
So, quoting myself to highlight a relevant point is moving the goalposts? You're not too bright, huh?
>Why would they cover Trayvon for 2 years other than fuel black hate / instill white guilt?
Notice doesn't talk about blacks being shot by cops nearly as much anymore? Why is that? Is it because cops aren't killing nogs anymore? No, it's because they're now focused on Trump, because that's what they're currently able to sensationalize the most.

ID: a05195 (8)  No.12921910
Lol and you think (((they))) will let that happen again? Democracy is farce. Media controls democracy, and money controls media.

ID: ea03af (1)  No.12921911
File (hide): 4e3ab5887a78831⋯.png (217.43 KB, 1837x482, 1837:482, ec5aac961c2af39ee03a18f2da….png) (h) (u)

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12921913>>12922027
>>12921866 (checked)
>What's interesting is that his manifesto is so poorly written
I like the way he wrote it. Point form like greentext. Nice and succinct, no tl;dr necessary. He really did a great job with the manifesto and the livestream.

ID: 12826c (1)  No.12921917
Only a faggot, boomer, or a psy-op would seriously use a rifle or pistol for a mass killing. Pro's would use a flamethrower.

ID: dd043f (2)  No.12921919>>12921933 >>12921947
Is he from cuck /pol/ or our /pol/?

ID: ab8635 (22)  No.12921920
that's nice see >>12921896

ID: afe31d (16)  No.12921923
*notice how the mainstream media doesn't talk

ID: 99c331 (2)  No.12921927>>12921936
i don’t care about politics does anybody have the full video

ID: ff361e (5)  No.12921933>>12922016
He's from 4chan

ID: 346868 (3)  No.12921934
Christchurch shootings inside two mosques during Friday prayers leave multiple people dead
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed an Australian was among the attackers who massacred worshippers at two Christchurch mosques in an act of "extremist right-wing terrorism".
Get fucked kikes, shit happened and shit will keep happening

ID: e11ac1 (6)  No.12921935>>12922000
File (hide): 73662ad3f739aaf⋯.png (852.33 KB, 728x970, 364:485, ClipboardImage.png) (h) (u)

ID: a05195 (8)  No.12921936>>12921955
>i don’t care about politics
Are you a god?

ID: 5180b2 (14)  No.12921937>>12921970
>click my google video link pls
You're not convincing me you're not a kike.

ID: 13980b (6)  No.12921939>>12921960 >>12923355
No it isnt, or if it is, you need to specify what remix because theres a ton of them.

ID: ad9818 (1)  No.12921940>>12921962 >>12921989 >>12922013
>Spyro the Dragon 3 taught me ethnonationalism
Top Kek. Sadly his prediction of being incarcerated for 27 years and the death toll being purportedly 27 confirms fake and gay. Also 74 page manifesto:
>74 in simple gematria
>and so on
Friendly reminder that next Wednesday is (((Purim))); when kikes celebrate using false flags to start goyim wars.
>false flag in New Zealand
>killing mudshits
>remove kebab memes
Has anyone checked the price of lamb futures?
(((THEY))) opened Pandora’s Box by making this place global and turning it into a shithole. The truth will either set the NPC’s free, or it has been proven to cause ptsd. Every post should include gore and redpills, related or not. Come get some niggerfaggots.

ID: 346868 (3)  No.12921947
Probably here, he made a thread

ID: 9f3a0e (4)  No.12921950>>12922048
File (hide): 48cf5c924a8da6e⋯.jpg (83.88 KB, 720x479, 720:479, 7da.jpg) (h) (u)
Hi you pedo libtard journalists. Are you outraged yet? This is just the beginning. Where was your outrage at Rotherham? The countless of terror attacks in Europe. Where are your outrage as the white middle class is being pushed out to favor strangers. You must be fucking dense if this comes as a shock for you. Did you expect people would just die out, without a fight? This is all on you (((guys))).
As the Celts said to Caesar, Woe to The Vanquished.

ID: 99c331 (2)  No.12921955
i don’t care about real life

ID: a3baa3 (9)  No.12921956
Oh that's right.

ID: 000000 (43)  No.12921958
>Hurr fucking durr maybe we can get people to join our movement if we brutally fucking murder a bunch of people
But US support for Israel and all those countless individuals who literally rode down to the Middle East to join ISIS rose after their groups escalated violence. The Jews murder more than ever right now with the shootings and bombings, the USA is already removing references to occupied and upping billions of shekels. The ISIS and other violent movements in the Middle East see great gains after their videos of beheaded innocent tourists and enslaving and raping women. Hitler did not even start to see great gains in his movement until the Brown Shirts were formed and they started fighting back so people respected them. Tell me, does anyone in history respect a pushover?

ID: d5d175 (5)  No.12921960>>12921991
File (hide): 3fd3b24a97991e9⋯.jpg (13.51 KB, 233x225, 233:225, baka.jpg) (h) (u)
open the files in my post you retard.

ID: 346868 (3)  No.12921962
>It's all a false flag goyim! Nothing happens!
Too late for that rabbi

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12921970
google video link? did you reply to the wrong post?

ID: 4d64a3 (1)  No.12921973
>we live in a society
Sorry OP, you're morality isn't any more real not your reality any more objective because you managed to scramble all your thought power together to write a bad impression of the joker. You have no culture apart from culture, and you know it, so don't pretend to act defense of the culture of a people you are more alienated from then any of the people who got shot.

ID: 000000 (43)  No.12921981>>12921995 >>12922074 >>12922131
Fine. Go out there and start shooting people. Go buy a gun (though I doubt you are old enough considering how fucking stupid you are). Go and stream it as well. Make sure to be the very avatar of a deranged loon with guns. Please, by all means.
RUIN EVERYTHING for law-abiding firearms owners who try their hardest not to give the left justification for banning guns. You fucking cunt. If they do take away guns they will point to morons like this dumbass and everyone will agree because of dumb fucking cunts attention-seeking like him.
Honestly if you all support stuff like this then I see no moral or ideological high ground whatsoever. This is what ISIS is doing for muslims: Making them look bad by conforming to stereotypes and making sure everyone sees it.
Anyone who supports this is a short-sighted retard who just wants blood on the streets. NIGGERS.

ID: ab8635 (22)  No.12921989
And we've got more faggot bots trying to derail with incoherent argument
observe >>12921896

ID: 13980b (6)  No.12921991
Didnt see it was an mp4, my bad.

ID: cf87d9 (1)  No.12921993>>12922039
8gag should die tbh, Russia already banned it for bestiality and Google removed it from searches. OP is doing the right thing and marking this site for removal.

ID: 000000 (43)  No.12921995

ID: a3baa3 (9)  No.12921996
Okay tell them to fuck off then.
Oh they wont?
Then removal it is.

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12922000
heh nice

ID: a05195 (8)  No.12922013
YUP, purim is the day Jews celebrate taking control of the Persian Empire and killing Aryans who they portray as wanting to kill them for the pride of one man. Aryans have the right to do as the Jews did if they wish. The world is a struggle and enemies will show no mercy to the Aryan race.

ID: dd043f (2)  No.12922016
Then who gives a shit? He's a faggot and a cuck.

ID: 4659a9 (2)  No.12922023>>12922033 >>12922075 >>12922141
You people supporting this are sick, deluded fucks. You're the epitome of ignorance and hatred.

ID: 6eac2e (3)  No.12922026
You got a name or yt link so I can make a list?

ID: 6a0732 (5)  No.12922027>>12922053
It's not just about the words, it's what they mean. The point he was trying to make, was intuitively false. Actions justified by delusions.

ID: 000000 (43)  No.12922032
People who argue "bohoo other whites won't agree with him" he didn't do it to inspire others. He's an accelerationist. His goal is to divide. To radicalize muslims which in turn will produce more nationalists. This shouldn't be that hard to grasp even for the retards on /pol/
I normally only shitpost about linux on this site. You'll get it shot down with your random murdering. Thanks a lot guys.

ID: e11ac1 (6)  No.12922033
File (hide): a49125d5b54b556⋯.png (693.68 KB, 1024x897, 1024:897, ClipboardImage.png) (h) (u)

ID: 7ea426 (5)  No.12922038>>12922056 >>12922073 >>12922136 >>12925939
File (hide): dbc8652a1380af8⋯.jpg (18.89 KB, 226x410, 113:205, 1536669389317.jpg) (h) (u)
Did anyone save the webpage for his thread? Supposedly it's 12916717.
8ch has no archive as far as I can see.

ID: afe31d (16)  No.12922039>>12922333
It's only a matter of time now

ID: 163d54 (5)  No.12922047
if you nerds would post where these orchestrators live you might get some shooters who cant figure out where they live to kill them

ID: 000000 (43)  No.12922048
The leftists and establishment kowtow and worship violence. Look at how much they love and show their support only for the most violent among the shitskins. After every terrorist attack and violent act, they only love them more. You do not see them giving love to peaceful law abiding Hindus, Orientals, and Buddhists. It because the left and establishment is ruled by fear and fetishes being beheaded and raped by their pet shitskins.
Everyone should have saw this coming, simply studying history. There's still a very small window left to stop all this and restore society to what it once was and at its best. You either do that now or you will face the great Fourth Turning of history.

ID: 95ea7d (38)  No.12922053>>12922107
Oh, I'm not saying I agree with everything that he wrote. I must've misunderstood the post I replied to. My bad

ID: e11ac1 (6)  No.12922056>>12922136
bump, I need that shit

ID: ce5b83 (14)  No.12922061
Well considering I'm a poorfag/nofrens who doesn't want to get a sunroof for my head I think I'm just gonna spectate.

ID: afd768 (2)  No.12922064>>12922068
the fuck is a zoomer? ive been away

ID: 7334dd (5)  No.12922068
Generation 'Z'

ID: ff4568 (2)  No.12922072
so there is only a 16:55 video and manifesto right? he just posted it in many places?

ID: 7ea426 (5)  No.12922073>>12922136
File (hide): 033e7eb8dfb57ff⋯.jpg (193.53 KB, 1110x1600, 111:160, __ayanami_rei_neon_genesis….jpg) (h) (u)
bumping until someone posts the .html

ID: 5180b2 (14)  No.12922074
>don't use your guns for their intended purpose please please i just want my expensive toys leave me alone please government i'll be good!
You're a spineless faggot. Nothing will be done by cowards who concern troll at every turn, but you know that don't you? You have no intention of doing anything beyond jacking off online day in and day out.
>This is what ISIS is doing
We don't have Israeli funding and our moral prerogative is to ensure the survival of humanity and all life by extension, ISIS is a kike backed group that exists to exterminate life to appease a pedophile sand god. Not remotely similar, faggot.
>if you kill your enemies, they win!
Yeah I'm sure if we lay down like good goyim and never do anything white genocide will stop and the sandniggers will stop raping and leave. Kill yourself.

ID: 9f3a0e (4)  No.12922075>>12922351
File (hide): b832133ab26d0dd⋯.jpg (274.63 KB, 919x1227, 919:1227, 3f0f03f22b63cb955e1f42125f….jpg) (h) (u)
Says the pedo-sympathizers and dude that permits the genocide of his people. Stop acting so fucking shocked, what the fuck did you expect to happen with the past few years of white hate rhetoric? Did you believe white people would just bend over and take it anally, as they rape, pillage and subvert our societies. Of course there is going to be someone fighting back. I swear you pedo sympathizers cant even conjugate your own independent thoughts, its all automated responds. Fucking spergs the lot of ya.

ID: 000000 (43)  No.12922085>>12922103

ID: 2375e0 (17)  No.12922103>>12922497
Post your IRL info so we can accelerate it a little faster.

ID: 6a0732 (5)  No.12922107
No no no, I was too dismissive.
I appreciate you.

ID: f3c014 (11)  No.12922108>>12922171
Wait...where did he say he thought it wouldn't cause backlash? Violence breeds violence...and since he never say what you're putting in his block I'm sure he's aware of that, and YOU are the one trying to dance around it so you can play moral superior....

ID: c67b04 (1)  No.12922110>>12922177
just wanted to add the fact this is in fact the manifesto is the greatest Australian shitpost of all time. nothing from now on will compare.

ID: ff4568 (2)  No.12922114
File (hide): 97f7dec840271fa⋯.jpg (144.47 KB, 509x774, 509:774, Saint Brenton.jpg) (h) (u)

ID: 3d0ad1 (2)  No.12922119
File (hide): eadef39847e2775⋯.jpg (38.07 KB, 573x572, 573:572, top nep.jpg) (h) (u)
350 IQ post my dude.

ID: 07d5c0 (1)  No.12922120>>12922143 >>12922148 >>12922149 >>12922162 >>12923418
File (hide): 5ee7946d23fe691⋯.webm (15.63 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, magazine.webm) (h) (u) [play once] [loop]
>To anyone who is stupid enough to say anything negative about the shooter:
A magazine for his gun was laying on the floor before he drove up to the place.
That's weird.

ID: 4d9fdb (9)  No.12922122
Rumor has it 8chan has just been blocked in kiwiland.

ID: 000000 (43)  No.12922127
The Muslims and niggers make up more of the crime proportionally than ever and they have more privileges, media, and political power than they have ever had. Their violence has only made them more popular. How could that be? I was told the opposite would be true. Strange.

ID: 7334dd (5)  No.12922131
I'm going to rebut this post by saying:
- You don't think if the powers that be want to they won't resort to false flag attacks to strip you of your firearms? Do you honestly think if they want to take them from you that incidents such as this will prevent them?
- Armed conflict, another civil war of sorts is inevitable, the only issue really is how each side of the conflict will posture for leverage. There is no "ruining everything", because that is an inevitability, the only issue is the how and the when, not "if".

ID: acb05c (3)  No.12922136>>12922178 >>12922234

ID: b38f6f (3)  No.12922138>>12922170 >>12922181 >>12922218
You are a fucking retard and one day you WILL see how much of a fucking retard you are, you fucking retard, if you hate the world so much just fucking kill yourself.

ID: f3c014 (11)  No.12922141
Guess we're sick…now unless you have a solution to the sickness I suggest you fuck off or get down with it yourself…
Fucking non-starter arguments from the pulpit…

ID: 6a0732 (5)  No.12922143>>12922197
When he was rushed and fell, some of his gear fell out.

ID: 09b803 (6)  No.12922148
That's not a magazine you no gunz faggot.

ID: 84d22d (1)  No.12922149>>12922197
He dropped it, dummy

ID: 163d54 (5)  No.12922158
who cares at all how the public reacts? theyve had enough opportunity to look deeper yet they didnt. we could wait till we’re 10% lower in numbers or we couldnt. he did this for us, he was one of us. he has energized all who arent cattle and that is the benefit. how to masses react is irrelevant, only our reaction matters as we will be the ones to win.

ID: af82e2 (3)  No.12922162>>12922197
He went in twice. He dropped the mag the first time and picked it up the second.

ID: c3acce (1)  No.12922168>>12922237 >>12922262
ITT Leftypol trying to cope like crazy through the tears

ID: dea847 (3)  No.12922170
Npc tier response.

ID: 000000 (43)  No.12922171>>12923950
>Violence breeds violence
This anon has a point. He doesn't even deny it, he wants acceleration, he wants everything to burn. Isn't that the goal?

ID: 13980b (6)  No.12922177