Sienna Johnson's Journal

The following transcription was copied as it appeared in Sienna's Journal. Any spelling mistakes or errors are duplications of such.

amazing movies!

Pulp fiction (Quentin Tarantino) 1994
texas chainsaw massacre (Tobe Hooper) 1974
Seven (David Fincher) 1995
Halloween (Rob Zombie) 2007


such an amazing movie and inspiring character

Natural born Killers (Oliver Stone) 1994

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I glorify serial killers. They're put on a pedistool in my head. They have so much to them and such a amazing twisted mind I look up to them. They have ways of getting away with anything they do I admire that.

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Before I blow up the school, I need to find a way to kill my family first. I don't really want them dead but I don't think they would be alive to handle the death of the students and they don't really deserve to go through that either. I know they want to die though I mean I'd be doing them a favour. I'm positive they want to die. I don't

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Tonight, I showed my first sign of interest in actually proceeding to go through with this massacre that will lock my place in history forever I can't wait!!! I'm making my first little homemade bomb not really a bomb, more like a toy or prank. I don't care I'm just trying to get something to explode as a first test/experiment.


What mom has failed to recognize is that I tried I tried to make myself a better person I tried to change my behaviour, tried to restore our strained relationship but dammit it wasn't good enough! She kept accusing me of shit I didn't do and that didn't fucking help and that's why I went back to old behaviours.
Should've appreciated my offers more. She's a shitty person for making me feel (Illegible) / stupid, and not good enough! never good enough!!! Parents need to quit treating their kids like shit and expect respect. Parents deserve to get (Illegible) by their own fucking kids! they fail to see their kids true self and when they do they tell them it's wrong or avoid it and say it's normal so basically you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. If your child tells you they have a problem, help them or get them help. If they think they need it what they feel is all that fucking matters, despite whether you think they need help or not. Maybe if parents were willing to open their minds about this shit, we wouldn't all be so fucked up.


I have finally met the perfect person! Someone who is as angry as me, hates humankind as much as me, and someone who's got what it takes to bring vista down. We are about to make this school a living fucking nightmare. god, Brooke and I will be unstoppable, we can finally prove what we're fucking capable of and fucking everyone will know! we will get firearms. I can promise you fucking that. I can't wait. it takes time though. We have a lot to do. I was really starting to think I was going to have to do it alone. I'm so glad met her. We met at this time for a reason. this shooting is meant to happen. Like I said, everything happens for a reason.


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We found someone who will hook us up with guns and we're trying to decide what we are gonna get. For the moment, we've decided to get a pistol with an extending clip. Speaking of guns, I got my daisy powerline 304 airsoft gun today! We plan on practicing target shooting with BBs at coyote skate park during our off period on Thursday.


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