Wie Gehts.

REBEL NEWS Yo, this page will be getting some bigass changes soon. Ill be adding some new pages to it such as "New group names" and "Top 10 lists" Gonna have some cool shit. check it out. or ill blow you up cause jo mamma.............is so fat.

Homework sucks.

Mother fucker blew-BIG. Pazzie was a complete success and it blew dee fuck outa a little creek bed. Flipping thing was heart-pounding gut-wrenching brain-twiching ground-moving insanely cool! His brothers havent found a target yet though.

Atlanta. Pholus, Peltro, and Pazzie are complete, for those of you that dont know who they are, they are. they are the first 4 true pipe bombs created entirely from scratch by the rebels (REB and VoDkA). Atlanta and Pholus are each 1 1/4" by 6" pipes, Peltro is 1" by 5", and Pazzie is 3/4"by 5". Each if packed with powder that we got from fountains, morter shells, and crackering baiis. Each also has a morter shell type fuse. Now our only problem is to find the piace that will be "ground zero." Me and VoDkA also have made 2 more noisey crickets

God damnit i'm sick of people saying "wick" when talking about fireworks! Don' falkin' say anothuh falkin' WICK or I's gone to rip yer falkin' HAID off and YOU-rinate down yo' falkin' neck!! ITS FUSE!

Special thanks to Excaluber. KiBBz, VoDkA. Jester, and Imaginos for helping me make this page happen.

Hey, the clan page is currently down. If you have a strong desire to learn about us, just mail me. Ill let yall know when i decide to put the page back up. (so don't even try to click on duh little thingy below)

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