Why Am I Doing This?

I have been taking a statistics class this semester. I and many other students in my class brought forward complaints and concerns, and I got a meeting with the assistant chair of the math department. He said many things to me, one of which was his excuse about our aggravating teacher, which was something to the effect of “Yes, sometimes we have to just hire whoever we can to fill positions.”

This excuse is unacceptable at my retail job. If you told the assistant manager a cashier had humiliated you and belittled you and refused to answer straight-forward questions, they would not say they just hire whoever. This comparison is more relevant considering I was told by multiple teachers of mine that the higher-ups in the school refer to us as customers rather than students. Which is interesting considering at my job, customers are treated with respect and we hear their complaints and they are properly compensated for their troubles. 

I have spent too much money here to have a teacher read pieces of the textbook to me, lie to me, blatantly grade on a bias, and much more. So if they value my money or the money of other students, they should follow through when they say they will sit in on the class, for example (which he did not, so the assistant chair lied to my face as well). 

I will not rest until my story is heard and taken seriously. 

Please help me get UNC Charlotte to pay attention and care about their “customers”.